mysterious Tarot Deck


Some people have one tarot deck or a few favorites, and they will never have another deck that is as meaningful to them. We get that. But if you're open to exploring new decks, here's the story behind the Illuminated Tarot. Caitlin Keegan illustrated one tarot card each week for a year (and a week). She then transformed those illustrations into this 53 card tarot deck. 

Wait. wut? How do you get 78 cards out of 53? Okay, so stick with us. Each suit represents a corresponding tarot suit (Clubs=Wands, Spades=Swords, Diamonds=Pentacles, Hearts=Cups). That's the easy part. Now, in addition, each suit has either 5 or 6 cards which double as themselves in the Minor Arcana and a specific card of the Major Arcana. So, for instance, the 2 of Hearts (Cups) is also Temperance. And Temperance is traditionally illustrated pouring between two cups, so that works nicely.

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